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Hi folks,

I thought I’d post a quick start guide on getting the most out of these forums. We can point new users to this thread for help getting set up. The .NET Foundation forums are a place to discuss .NET Foundation-related topics like project governance, legal issues, .NET community, and open source software around .NET. We want to create an inviting community here so please keep in mind this code of conduct. Be responsive. Be courteous. Have fun.

###Setting up your user profile###

  1. Go to: http://forums.dotnetfoundation.org/
  2. Click “Sign Up” in the upper right
  3. Choose your social login. We recommend using GitHub so it’s easy for people to identify you in both places.
  4. Fill out your user profile so people know who you are. You can always access your profile info by choosing “Preferences” in the upper right once you log in

Profile Tips:

  • You want people to be able to recognize you here. Either use your real name as your username, or use your known handle. (i.e. GitHub or Twitter handles that people know you by)
  • In the same spirit, upload a profile picture in which people will recognize you. For instance, a real picture of you.
  • Let people know what you do and who you work for in your bio. Note that it is a requirement for MS employees to indicate that they work for Microsoft.
  • Let people know something interesting about you. This lets people make a more personal connection with you. Be human.
  • Good examples: here and here

###Starting a new discussion###

  1. Once signed in, simply click the “+ New Topic” button on the upper right of the page
  2. Next to the title of your post, select a category. This helps people quickly respond to categories that they are monitoring or interested in. If you don’t see a category that fits, select “Uncategorized” or suggest a new category by letting @BethMassi know
  3. Write your post. When you’re done, click “+Create Topic” at the bottom of the editor, and let the fun begin! :smile:

###Responding to posts###

  1. Once signed in, just click the reply button on the post you want to respond to
  2. Many times multiple discussions are happening in a thread. If you want to create a new discussion in response to a post, click the “+Reply as linked Topic” to the top right of the post.
  3. You will automatically be subscribed to any posts you create or contribute to. This means you’ll get an email when someone responds to you.

Responding tips:

  • Be genuine and human.
  • Be courteous.
  • Be welcoming. Not everyone here is an expert at everything.
  • Be sympathetic. Assume the best intentions until it’s clear that someone does not.
  • Do not discuss products/road maps that are not public or not your own.
  • Ignore trolls and flag those posts.

The .NET Foundation forums have some really nice self-moderation features.

  1. “System” is the system account bot that will hide blatant spam content and users who are posting multiple times in quick succession.
  2. Anyone can flag posts for spam & off-topic content. Once a post is flagged three times, the post is hidden automatically.
  3. Moderators can see these flags and agree (or disagree) with them, hide/unhide posts and/or ban users (we hope it never comes to that!)

Once in a while there are those one or two trolls that slip through the cracks from time to time. The best thing that can happen is the community self-moderates these folks by flagging them. But sometimes a reminder about our code of conduct is in order. If you need help, contact a moderator by mentioning me (@BethMassi) or email conduct@dotnetfoundation.org.

###Discourse FAQ###
Also check out the Discourse FAQ and Meta forum for more tips on using Discourse forums:


Have some additional tips? Let me know below.

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