.Net Core with Visual Studio and output path



I’m currently starting to write a cross platform library using .NET Core and I am trying to use all of the features that I’m used to with visual studio and resharper but a key issue that seems to be causing problems is the default output path. For some reason with visual studio only this seems to default to …/artifacts/ in the solution directory rather than where everything in visual studio expects it to be under bin/debug. Also something is also adding an extra folder to the end of the path (dnxcore50) even when I can sort of get the files building to the correct place through visual studio.

Also I’m trying to run unit tests through resharper but in the new world of nuget packages and project.json files there seems to be no way to copy the nuget references to the output folder. This is mostly an issue for the unit test project as nunit needs all the references to run the unit tests.

Everything still works via the command line tools but it would be nice if I could use all the bells and whistles in visual studio. Support for creating cross platform libraries through .Net Core seems to be lacking at the moment.

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