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Hi I have not yet introduced myself to .NET core at any level I always assumed that core is command line only and I felt that I would stay with .NET 2.0 and forward. Is this true or is core something I should spend another 15 + years getting to learn and know the core frame work. I can’t lie I have no intentions’ in devoting my time and energy unless I absolutely have to .

It’s not, .Net Core 3.x supports websites (ASP.NET Core) and Windows desktop apps (Wiindows Forms, WPF). .Net 5 (the next version after .Net Core 3) will also support mobile apps (Xamarin) and .Net 6 will support cross-platform desktop apps (.Net MAUI).

If you’re talking about .Net Framework, I think you shouldn’t stay with that, because it’s not going to get any new features.

I don’t think learning it will take that long. There are some differences, but the language and most of the libraries are the same.

That’s up to you, depending on what plans you have for your career and life. But I think that in this industry, it’s worthwhile not getting stuck with legacy technologies.

Hi thank you very much for answering my concerns. There is one pet peeve I have is that when a version is released
there always a learning path to it no matter how small or large it may be, there is something to learn from it and this can go on for years just like the .NET Framework. With that said my peeve is that just when you become comfortable with it the brakes are applied and that’s it. Then something new comes along in this case .NET core maybe I shouldn’t be so concerned and just ask all the questions I have when I have them and ride with it.


David Barselow

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