.Net Core UI applications


What about cross-platform XAML applications? Are they would be supported?
As I see in some places information that UWP applications would be have ability to porting to .Net Core.
I have even try ApiPost and get result that my UWP app is 100% compatible with .Net Core 1.1
Even have found article: Porting to .NET Core
Very hard to believe. That’s why I am asking this question.
But without UI there is no sense to have only Console applications in platform.


The post you linked is dated, there’s some things there that are no longer relevant to present and future development of the .NET stack, especially the part about Reflection and “Technologies Discontinued” so read this too. :slight_smile:

p.s. I think that an official cross-platform solution for the UI won’t happen anytime soon.


Thank you. Wonderful post. I have miss it.
As I have understand from comments UI will be implemented, but only in future. Now in plans solid cross-platform library basis.


Yeah, indeed. :wink:

I really hope that at some point they will add it, if I had time I’d probably build something myself for fun. :smiley:

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