.NET Core setup fails even after update 3


I have installed both .NET core & VS community w/ update 3 from the official site.
When I try to install .NET core it tell’s me the setup failed & I need to repair my installation of update 3.
I have repaired it multiple times & it says update 3 was successfully installed, yet .NET core setup still fails.

Any ideas on what to do? Here’s the setup log provided.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


I had the same problem. This (I belive) happens because the installer looks for a specific version of Update 3, and not newer versions. The only workaround to work (that I’ve found) is to run the installer from the command prompt like this (replace the DotNetCore.1.0.0-VS2015Tools.Preview2.exe with your installer):

DotNetCore.1.0.0-VS2015Tools.Preview2.exe SKIP_VSU_CHECK=1

Let me know if this works for you!

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