.Net Core running ASP.Net app through Apache, Tomcat etc?


I’ve seen a bit of stuff about running ASP.Net Core on Linux, but all the examples I’ve seen use the new SM-built web server. Does anyone know if it will be possible to run through Apache or Tomcat? From a DevOp perspective it’d be great if it could.


We don’t have any plans currently to add any native apache or tomcat support. The current idea is to use a full webserver like the ones mentioned or something like ngnix to manage your front end and then proxy requests to the ASP.NET 5 process (basically a reverse proxy).


So the ngnix in the DMZ and ASP.NET 5 behind the firewall? What about client and service cert support to secure the pipe? Can you do that in a self hosted?


I’m new to the world of running .NET on Linux and I’m having a hard time getting up to speed with all the different proposed solutions. It’s changing all the time. I find old blogs that either use different stacks to accomplish it, or maybe it’s just the names of the projects have changed. Is Kestrel still recommended as an HTTP server? Or if the current idea is to front .NET with Nginx, great, but what is “the ASP.NET 5 process”? From what I gather from this page, it sounds like it’s called DNX, but you still need mono to run it. So where can I go to find details, and maybe even a sample project that demonstrates the “current idea”?


@davidfowl is indeed the expert. That said, I think the guidance remains the same, to use a FE server in front of ASP.NET. I believe that Kestrel remains the webserver on Linux.

DNX is the environment on which ASP.NET runs. It has no relationship as a topic to web servers. It’s something separate. DNX doesn’t require Mono, but supports it. There are some DNX operations that require Mono, but that’s a point-in-time issue.


It do seem kind of short sighted not to support Apache/Tomcat as a webserver to run ASP.Net core 1.0. Apache and I guess also Nginx are the two most used and installed webservers on a Linux server installation.
Plans may change I hope. Until that happens, I will stick to php when creating websites on a Linux server.


Answers to this post are outdated , now Asp.net Core production applications are recommended by the Asp.net team to be hosted behind reverse-proxy server e.g : Nginx. Here is an nginx example for doing that https://docs.asp.net/en/latest/publishing/linuxproduction.html

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