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Hi everbody, I’m confused about .NET Core, Mono etc … I known there is a lot of information about that on the internet, but I want to know some opinions. I want my application to work on Linux and I’m using EntityFramework, Identity, Dapper, Owin etc… Would that be possible with .NET Core or is it still too raw? and do you guys have a release date?
Thanks …


Assuming all of your dependencies are compiled against .NET Core (like the new ASP.NET stuff, EntityFramework 7, etc) then yes, you can run it on Linux as soon as MS releases CoreCLR for that platform.

I don’t think they committed to a release date yet.


Hi Dude,
thanks for your attention my doubt is: can I to compile all those dependencies on .NET Core? if yes, how? and after how I’ll be able of run this application on Linux


It depends on your dependencies, for some it’ll be simple to recompile against .NET Core (assuming you’ve got access to the source), others might need more changes as certain classes/APIs got moved or removed.



I presume you want to do cross platform - that is taking your .Net (Windows) code and run it successfully in Linux. I am also looking at this .Net Core as the saviour to my rather disappointing attempts. I am also trying to take .Net code (non-UI) and run it in Mono. I am meeting a lot of problems/gotchas. For example. The latest one is Mono’s XmlSerializer fails to deserialize an instance document using a schema that Java and MS CLR can handle. Mono’s runtime fails miserably.

Make sure you have ‘learning test’ to check the cross platform issue to avoid any surprises. Successful compilation in Linux is not guarantee.

I am hoping .Net Core and MS’s involvement will improve the quality and consistency.




I think that I’ll face some problems to compile, because I’m using several dependencies. I have another doubt how can I to compile? I have to compile .NET Code (from github) and install or vs2015 already come with it?



Doing a project now in Windows 8.1 ( which is very similar to core - much closer than standard .NET) and looked at core.

Basically core is early days so i would not use for key systems , core itself seems solid but no fancy libs works with it. Entity framework 6 or less do not , 7 does but is a complete rewrite in beta so has some maturation to go,.

When i looked there was no Sql Server client /ADO.NET for core , though you could use sql lite with EF7. Dapper is ADO.NET so that is likely out.

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