nanoFramework (C# for embedded system)



For over a year now, me and a few others started nanoFramework project.
The goal is to provide a framework to write managed apps for embedded systems. This probably will sound familiar for some people :slight_smile: … and yes, we are using several building blocks from the good old (but unfortunately defunct) .NETMF. A lot has changed since them, from the build system to setting up new target boards, the VS extension. At the API level we are following the UWP API to make it more familiar to people coding for IoT Core and even desktop.

As this is (heavy) .NET based we thought it would be nice to join the foundation. Already submitted the initial contact form over a month ago, but no feedback… Wondering what’s the reasonable timeframe to expect a reply from you guys. :wink:


This is cool, any devices running this now? Like arduino type devices?

I’ve always been interested in C# running on low end devices. Started a project myself (early stages) for transpiling a C# subset into C with a GC that could be ran on 1kb of ram etc… using Roslyn. This will allow C# to be ran with the same performance as C and on existing Arduino devices.



Yes there are! Check the reference boards we have running here.

Interesting project that you have there… maybe we can combine efforts… :wink:

Please take a look around and join our Slack workspace do discuss it.



My approach is quite different but once working knowledge could be shared. Particularly in the GC area maybe as thats how I’m going to be able to get it running on lower ram devices. Its a thought exercise but when I have a working implementation will document it.

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