My responses are flagged


All my responses seem to be flagged by the community and I am not sure what I need to do to fix this…

Thank you in advance for your time!

I’m not sure who is flagging them but I do notice that your responses seem short and tend to link to external sites or are just very, very short answers without explanation.
I know that on my question: I need my own GIT server with public access your answer was just a link to an external site with no explanation of what it is and how to use it. Means I have to examine a whole site to check if it’s useful or not. An extra link to would have been more useful.
But as the community flagged it down, I never saw your answer before. I just checked it out. Doesn’t seem to be what I need. And to be honest, it doesn’t seem to answer my question.
In SSL Certificate Management for Projects you link to CertifyTheWeb while the post isn’t a question! The LetsEncrypt certificates are generally short-living ones while I think dotnetfoundation is providing long-term certificates. That’s a big difference.
Your answer at Websocket failing with large payload (greater than 65535 bytes) is also an external link where you ask the OP to post the issue somewhere else. That’s not practical as the OP isn’t reporting an issue but wonders if something is correctly implemented.
I also notice that your responses are sometimes 2 months after the original post, and thus a bit late.
But Lambda expression help needed is a more recent post, yet your answer is unclear to me. Seems to me that you wanted to link to something, but the link is broken. But it’s typical of your replies: link to external site with no explanation…
And read words are !=,<>,and ,or also shows this pattern: link to external site without explanation. Your response here makes no sense as the question is about regular expressions and you’re mentioning something about SQL parsers.
So basically, your contributions aren’t very useful for some people. So they get flagged. You’re new at this site so you’ll have to adjust to the mentality here: The preference is clear answers here in this forum, not “search your answer elsewhere on this site” responses.

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