Microsoft Message Queuing


Hello All over Foundation Members,

First, sorry for my poor English :frowning:

I want to know if Microsoft MSMQ technologie have a futur or a new project for .NET Core ?

Thanxs a lot for your informations.

Best Regards.



It’s not about your english, which is fine, but I am not sure what you mean? MSMQ is purely a Windows technology, which relay on Windows server and workstations, while .Net core is made to be cross-platforms, so, as of now, I would say it depends entirely on what you intend to do.

You may implement some kind of “push” technology with .Net core, but it is not equivalent to MSMQ


Thanks for your reply.
Yes you are right,
I have just realized that my question is stupid lol.
My question is rather which future to MSMQ more globally but it is not maybe the good place for this subject?


You should check out RabbitMQ or Kafka.


Great links, it’s save my life :slight_smile:

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