Managing the influx of issues and pull requests


Hi all,

With these new OSS efforts being put forward I was curious as to how the, I suppose, “moderators” are going to handle the influx of pull requests and (non-)issues from the community as the projects get larger?

I’ve been watching the dotnet/corefx repo, even started an issue. But I can imagine its going to be very difficult for a small subset of Microsoft officials to keep a bound-to-be very popular repo’s community “in-check” so to speak.

These projects must have some kind of roadmap, and there are of course going to be issues and pull requests that are considered bogus in terms of that roadmap (heck, the issue I raised is probably amongst them).

Is the plan to just tackle each PR/issue one at a time and see how it goes?

Just wondering~



Hey, sorry for the late reply. These are really great questions. At the moment while we find our ground, we’re just taking it as it comes. We have ~15 years of process & infrastructure that we use internally to ship the FX, we’re trying to figure out the best way to take advantage of that, without bringing lots of the baggage that would prevent us from being a successful OSS project.

We hope to strengthen our contributing guide, put out a road map, set up an API review process and set up branches to set the right expectations around shipping timelines.

With regards to the influx of issues, we plan at first (unless proven unwieldy), to treat the community as just another dev on our team; issues and pull requests will be treated the same and given the same scrutiny, regardless of whether they come from our devs or the community.

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