Make the full .NET as a free, OSS and cross-platform ecosystem


thanks for the post Andy, there are far to few common sense voices out there, linux is 1.25% market share, half that of vista, prob about a 10 to 1 ratio of Users to Devs, and most hate MS and will never touch Mono, so all the fuss over a rounding error. it’s humorous how everyone wants MS to buy Xamarin and make it free, I don’t see anyone asking Xamarin to make it free open source, even though its based on free mono,now they have something of value and want to be paid, now that real .Net is open source I don’t see a use case for mono at all, when we get WCF/MEF on iOS AND Andriod I don’t see a use case for Xamarin, Miguel should go back and watch somas face, like the cat that just removed the birds wings. I realize everyone see there own reality, its sad to see so many chasing fantasy. if you have a great app, making it cross platform even if you have to make 20 different versions is better than creating 2nd class, at least there an app now on platform X, if there is a better native app or another developer with better solution, they will take your customers, obviously I talking about the commercial software, I have nothing against the hobby/educational etc crowd, but the we are the only ones should get paid crowd is a joke, any everyone in the real world gets it.stallman’s mom’s basement is still No Vacancy, it’d be funny if he ever got a great Idea, I bet he would’nt take a dime.LOL.


Xamarin is not going away just because Mono one day may have no use. Xamarin has huge wrapper libraries that make developing iOS and Android apps super easy. They also have debugger tools as well. Mono is just the runtime, but what they are really selling still has tons of value even if Mono died today.

Also you are forgetting how big Linux really is. Its market share is massive because of servers, Android, Chromebooks, TV box devices ect… .NET should have a home there as well.



Since this is a forum dedicated to discussing .Net open source efforts and collaboration/coordinated efforts between Microsoft and the community, please post the GitHub link of Xarmarin’s source code.

If Xarmarin’s is not open source and free for everyone to use, please stop propagandizing it here. This is not the right place for your marketing of proprietary products.


What on earth is wrong with you? Please go patronize someone else. Why are you even here?
My post was well within the bounds of a response to your false assumptions and is a valid assertion about how I felt your post was inaccurately portraying the dynamics of Xamarin and there market. Are you emotionally compromised so easily you can’t deal with a disagreement?


LMFAO, look up about 6 posts,it’s called sarcasm , its a repost of HighCore, with “your product” replaced with xamarin.
if this is supposed to be about .Net , net foundation get it, xamarin is not .NET it’s not free, WPF is .net silver light is .Net moonlight is .NET , Xamarin is not. if miguel wants to let this become xamarin fan club so be it. I don’t think anyone will give a damn, If they want some feedback on ways to improve .Net , it’s never gonna happen with all the rabid fanboyism.
if you want really me to get mean, take a look at that guy hidden post,hmmm, looks better than xamarin, happy now, you got me to sink to your level.


What is “HighCore”? You can set up straw men all day and tear them down, not going to get you far.
I said what I did because your assertion is baseless, not because i’m a fanboy, although I really do love .NET and C# and you would be mistaken to think something is wrong with that. Also its quite hypocritical of you to demonize one extreme when you’re just on the opposite side of the spectrum. If my comment is misplaced then learn how to use proper vernacular as you so aggressively have accused others of failing at in this forum.


ok, watch this,
yep your RIGHT!
it’s easy to get caught up in these things and I combined you and Highcore in my mind, sorry, i’ve been doing WPF for years and didn’t even take offense to Ivo and didn’t like the censorship just set me off, sorry. I’m losing my ability to be objective when so much , this is and that is dead , I dont see why any part of .Net should be dead.


Thats ok and i’m sorry for feeding the flame as I did. I’m not to different when I get heated either.
I agree with you that to many things “.NET” get shut down if I understand you correctly.


it’s no secret that the people behind Windows 8/Metro squad tried to sabotage all of “.NET”, Windows 8 Metro is really just a Chromeless version of IE, even sinofki knew their was no way to compete. I guess he forgot or refused to acknowledge the fact that it could not compete with the rest of the world. it was a painful period, nothing like having a customer repeat the nonsense “NEW/Modern/Future” they where pushing, MS is very lucky they diddn’t lose more enterprise customers than they have, If they had paying attention. I don’t think they went as far as erasing source, so nothings “shut down” yet, set back years, yes, not dead or really obsolete if you need what it does. there is no technical reason for the state of silverlight, it’s way to good to just give away, look how bad it would make metro/UNiversal look.

that said , the above treatment of Ivo, whether you like what he says or not, is censorship, I was glad to see the link, from the perspective of a C#/.Net Dev. what this site is supposed to be about. If others have cross platform other than
xamarin are they not welcome here?, why bother?


I don’t think the purpose of this thread is intended to be a debate about personal views or criticisms of other peoples posts and in some cases emotive/personal style attacks - so I would suggest that might want to be taken to some other forum. The best way to make posts is to consider that you are talking to someone in a professional manner which means using politeness and etiquette.

Companies such as Xamarin and products such as Mono provide excellent solution platforms for their target markets and it is likely they will continue to do so. We need to remember that they have already gained a great deal of knowledge from working with the diverse range of platforms that they do and the .Net OSS initiative could probably gain from that.

The purpose of my post was to highlight the issue that enterprise and OSS initiatives have often opposing sets of operating environments each with a broadly different set of needs and constraints. This can mean that something that might be plausible and a good idea in one environment can have a large and potentially negative impact in the other. From personal experience it is my suggestion that these two environments need to have very good governance in place to ensure that any risk is identified and mitigated as early as possible.


what the hell is a “personal style attacks”, are you so invested in xamarin that it feels personal,

"so I would suggest that might want to be taken to some other forum"
I don’t know where your posting from but here in U.S people don’t get taken anywhere!

it’s funny and so transparent you feel the need to share your reason for posting. the real reason is all too obvious.

if this site is allowed to become xamarin fan club it will be a shame, I doubt anyone in the wider .Net community is foolish enough to think the mono/xamarin is where all/or even much at all the useful .Net knowledge resides and will find no stop promotion of a non-free non-open source commerical product here off putting to say the least.

ok lets test the professionalism shall we?
Xararin is dead, I mean i’t kind of always ways, but now funeral!

it’s fine to replace the xamarin with WPF though right, after all, you been marketing message that.
I don’t see anythiog coming of this site until the fanism is stop which will require miguel, so prob hopeless.
sucjh a shame because as everyone knows is the foundations that do all the heavy lifting in open source, and the foundation forums, please get over yourself, as far as ranting about the dreadful action of MS, give me a break!


You really shouldn’t chirp people on the internet, because you never know who they are. Xoofx here is the developer of SharpDX, a complete managed wrapper of DirectX. He’s a pretty smart guy, pretty well known in the community and pumps out a lot of free code that a lot of people are grateful for. Who are you? Oh right, some guy who just jumps on to the internet to mouth off toe people unprovoked. A dime a dozen.


I’m thinking that we should just let this particular thread go at this point. It got and now continues to be mostly negative. Feel free to start another variant of it @xoofx. I appreciate your sentiment in starting it in the first place, however I’d rather see this one age out at this point. The bulk of the content in this thread is not helping the overall perception of the forums.

On a more upbeat point, I think that you’ll see a lot to be happy about in 2015 for both .NET Core and Mono. You are going to see a bunch of sharing the and overall quality and quantity of libraries going up. Thanks!

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