Make phone number directory book from json file data


I am trying to make phone directory from JSON file data. I’ve to display the phone number of the person when name is typed.
// phonebookdirectory.js

var family = [{
"name" : "Jason",
"tag" : "reltive",
"Phone" : "67854639"
"name" : "Kyle",
"age" : "friend",
"Phone" : "670074639"

Display format in web page should be:


Also how can I do CRUD operation wih JSON file.
Any help with this will be highly appreciated.


I’m not sure if this is the proper forum for this? You’d probably have better luck on SO, but you’d have to actually show what you’ve got so far. For one thing, it’s not clear where the file is, what language you’re dealing with, or anything.

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