Make existing WCF service to run on Linux using .net core



I am totally new to .net core.

My task is to run WCF services on Linux.
My WCF service is built with .NET Framework 4.
I host my services in IIS.

Can you please provide me with proper direction, to deal with below problems,
1)What changes I need to do to my current WCF service, to run it on Linux?
2)What OS version of Linux I need, to make it to work with .net core?
3)Currently, I host my service in IIS, how can I host that in Linux, because we have about 40 services.
What I have found on Internet, is hosting WCF service in console application, is there a better way of hosting, as I have more than 40 services.

  1. in the current version of WCF for .net core, there is no support for Server side.

  2. Redhat has support for .net core in production, you can check it out on

Or you can use the list of build targets of the clr, that’s a good list for the supported OS.

  1. That’s a scenario I feel has not yet been addressed very well by .net core.

Currently, to my understanding and without WCF server, we have to use alternative communication frameworks like gRPC for example. I would very much like to see what other members of the community suggest to tide us over until WCF arrives (currently tagged as Future, so at least 12-18 months away).

Here’s the github link to the WCF repository , maybe add your requirements to the github issue

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