Make blazor allow outside http access

(I copy pasted this from StackOverflow, got no answer there.)
I just got started with Blazor, following Microsoft’s Guide, but I need to allow outside access from http, so I can access it from <server-ip>:5000, as I am running a linux VPS that I don’t have GUI access to. Is there any way to do this? (When creating my Blazor app, I left out the --no-https) Sorry if this is a dumb question. [I looked it up on google][1] and found nothing helpful to me.
I get this:
[![This is the error][2]][2]
When I run dotnet run
If you’re wondering which version of Blazor I’m running (WASM or Server), I don’t know. I’m just following Microsoft’s guide.
[1]: how to allow outside blazor access - Google Search

You’ll have to set up the server to listen to other ip addresses than localhost ( You can either give it a specific address or get it to listen to everything:

export ASPNETCORE_URLS="http://+:5000"
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