macOS Notarization


I’m trying to use dotNET SDK 2.1 on my fresh macOS Catalina. I’ve downloaded the binaries archive, put them in a subfolder in /usr/local that I’ve added to the PATH and try to run dotnet CLI as always. Problem: the executable and the DLLs which it depends on are not notarized, so I can’t run them because they might come from an evil software producer (no pun intended :smile:). This is really frustrating, I’ve always organized the installations (SxS) as I liked by downloading as binaries archive (.tar.gz) and not package (.pkg). Does this notarization mean that a user can’t directly install binaries any more?

I found myself the solution. In macOS settings, select or add the applications allowed to bypass the security rules, I’ve added Terminal and Visual Studio Code, see the screenshot (my UI is in French).

I hope this can help others.


Thanks for sharing the solution @tudorache.vlad! :+1:

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