Looking for contributors for an open source library



I’m developing an open source color manipulation library, but I’m relatively new to the .NET/Mono comunity.

I’m looking for people interested on contributing code to extend the library or to improve its quality and “standardization” (because I’m new here, I don’t know well the .NET standards and conventions).

At this moment I’m using CI through Travis CI and distributing the package through NuGet.

About the documentation, it’s not done yet. I promise it will be done in a few days ^^U.

Thank you for your attention.


Do you have it hosted on Codeplex, Github or Bit bucket?


Ouch! [facepalm] , I didn’t post the link ^^U . Here it is, in Github : https://github.com/Litipk/ColorSharp .


I’ve revamped the documentation, I’ve moved almost all the TODO list to the Github’s bugtracker and added a Guide on how to contribute to the project. Hope it helps making the project more interesting.

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