List of .NET Open Source Projects


We started a list of .NET OSS projects. The list has grown quickly and now contains a lot of projects, but I’m sure we’re missing a bunch of good ones. Help us make sure we’ve covered them all, via PR.

There are actually two lists.

Please consider contributing to either list.

SData: An elegant data interchange solution

I think it might be good to have a separate section for CLI languages.

Following perhaps can be added:

And also libraries targeted / implemented for a particular CLI language.


Also may be an idea to have a separate list for Web related application / libraries.

Suggesting following structure:

  • Libraries
    • Web
    • DI
    • Games
    • etc.
  • End user applications
    • CMS
    • Graphics
    • Games
    • etc.
  • System software and Tools
    • OS
    • Network
    • etc.
  • Languages, Tools
    • Lang
    • Build
    • etc.


Amber is not a .NET language, it runs in the browser AFAIK.


Created a Pull Request to add those languages (except Amber):


Thanks for the PR and for the suggestions from @sirinath. PR has been merged in.

@sirinath - are you saying that the web area is so big that it deserves its own list, and leave the developer-projects list for more general projects. Yes?

Anyone have an opinion on this suggestion?


Some areas are too big and some do not fit in well with one another. It needs breaking up.


@sirinath - I agree. I see your proposal above. Are the top-level bullets separate files?


This is what I had in mind. If there is a better organisation it is also welcome. Also may be language specific libraries. (Libs targeted specially for a particular language though can be used else where also.)


This might be worth including also:,


Another potentially good Developer project is “SharpLang” (.NET to LLVM):

Also my personal hobby project I haven’t been able to spend to much time in as of late is:
But figured I share the thing anyway for fun (although its not ready for any big use cases, I did make a game with it for WP7, iOS and Android in the past). Its a Cross platform C# Graphical, Input, Audio ect set of agnostic libraries. Similar to maybe XNA or SDL but for .NET only.


Is this list still maintained? Are there any criteria which project needs to satisfy (like popularity)?

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