Linux MonoDevelop 7.0 / .NET Core isn't supported?


Is it possible to use MonoDevelop for .NET core apps on Linux?
I’ve download MD with flatpak on Ubuntu 16.04 but see no .NET core option like VS for Mac.

VS Code is just well… I much prefer MD for C# dev.

Even the Java based IDE supports .NET Core on Linux with Rider:


you may need to install an add-in


This isn’t the same plugin used in VS for Mac though correct?
If not it would seem .NET Core isn’t able to be reliably developed with outside the context of VS Code (which is a very unproductive C# IDE so far). I can’t trust so much fragmentation in the ecosystem. Not worth it yet I guess but maybe I can be corrected.


Btw. Miguel de Icaza may have hinted on the “Visual Studio for Mac” session at Build 2017, that they are working on making it run on Linux, when he told that the GUI is built on two different stacks, Cocoa and Gtk, but that might be the abstraction layer already in place.


MonoDevelop 7.0 supports .NET Core projects but does not support debugging them currently. The .NET Core debugger addin is not currently open source.

Not sure about what is distributed with flatpak, however the MonoDevelop source code on GitHub has a .NET Core addin available -

The DNX addin linked to only supports MonoDevelop 6 and is only for the older preview versions of DNX that used xproj files before things changed to use MSBuild projects.


Waiting for the first beta of Visual Studio for Linux you can try a Virtual Box image with Visual Studio 2017 and remote debugging on native OS. remote debugging .net core on linux
Quite crazy :wink:


You can also use visual studio community and debug on linux via linux subsystem or remote debug a linux… You also can use Visual studio code.


Late reply. Remote debugging a desktop app that may interface with code needing to be compiled with the GCC compiler on that remote box is just silly (in that context). Very unproductive. Cool you can do it (good for server side code) but impractical for GUI tool apps and not good for sharing source code with Linux users either who don’t use Windows. Mono is still by far the best option for cross platform app dev. .NET Core is just so much faster I hope to see this change as time goes on.


The problem is not MonoDevelop, .Net Core actually is supported on MonoDevelop 7.0
The problem is Flatpack. It runs your Mono Develop in a ch-rooted environment, apart from your OS, therefore even if you have .Net core installed on your OS, it can’t detect it.
Here’s the Issue on Mono Develop github repo
The only solution is to either pack .Net core with mono develop on flatpack, or to not use flatpack at all (I’ll vote for the second approach !)

For now, I guess we’re stuck with VS Code.

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