Joining the .NET Foundation


I (co-)maintain a couple of .NET based open-source projects and we would possibly like to join the .NET foundation but we’re not entirely sure about some details.

I went over the checklist here:

Most of this is already done or can be done. A couple of questions:

  • Why the License or Assignment options?

The best for us would be to use the ‘License’ option I think but why is the seperate agreement needed and what are we as maintainers required to sign? We don’t get this part I guess, some more info would be welcome.

  • Can any project join?

We have relatively small projects mostly related to GIS and routeplanning but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t use the exposure and/or support. I’m guessing the answer is yes.

I already submitted one of the projects (here: a couple of weeks ago, OsmSharp (, but have yet to recieve a response.




Nobody here to answer any of my questions? Anything, a pointer to some documentation/info I failed to find?


The document you linked to says that you should fill out a form to “start the conversation”. Have you tried that?

I would expect that part of that conversation would be to answer any questions you have.


Yes, filled in the document, I think two months ago by now… but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


@XVincentX have you got any updates on this?
I’ve submitted a project, but haven’t even got a notification of that happening.

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