Is there a way to debug .Net core CLR apps on linux?


After some pain I was able to have running .net core environment and run a hello world app with dotnet(cli app).

I also installed vscode with omnisharp extension and I wanted to see if I could get some intellisense. It looks like Omnisharp uses dnx for hints so i proceeded installing dnx which downloaded again all the references for coreclr.
So basically now i have the same references in ~/.dnx/packages and in ~/.nuget/packages but hey , at least I have intellisense :slight_smile:

My next step is to debug an app (i’m talking here only about console application) and I cannot see any document describing on how to debug a .net core app.
Is there a way ? or it’s impossible at this moment ?
if there is can you please point me to some documentation ?


Hi @trebuche,

Thanks for your interest in .NET Core. At this point, we are working towards enabling debugging of .NET Core applications using VS Code on OS X and Linux. There is now a public build for testing available, and you can find more details on Please note that this is still experimental preview so some more manual steps to configure and the like are needed.

We are also working towards having the OmniSharp extension use dotnet CLI commands.



Hi @blackdwarf,

Would it be possible to debug .Net Core application running on Ubuntu and debugging from Windows VS Code.



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