Is there a IRC channel for .NET Core?


I know there is a #mono channel, but is there an IRC channel for .NET Core (I notice #dotnet on Freenode isn’t really a thing). I think having an IRC channel is basically a must have for any good open source project.


There is ##csharp
though that seems to be only the language… Other than that there is gitter page at gitter


Yeah, mostly the team hang out on Gitter rather than IRC. There is a beta IRC connector for Gitter if you prefer to your your IRC client rather than the web interface:

Let me know what you think if you do use that - I tend to stick to the web client myself.


In my opinion, I don’t care how many connectors people make for IRC clients… Gitter is not IRC. IRC is IRC, and there should be no exception… it is the standard and no single company controls it. I personally feel it is a poor choice to choose some special vendor like this for Open Source project. Gitter, Slack, or any single vendor is not a good idea. What is the resistance to going with a Freenode channel?


While I agree freenode (and IRC in general) is a popular place for opensource projects it certainly is not a requirement for success. Also Gitter is a far better platform for developer communication due to its inline support for things like code snippets, etc.

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