Is Silverlight a good choose for a web Project


Good Day,

I have a project that include a desktop UI and a Web UI and both shares a PCL library with all the businnes rules. The desktop app is a wpf app so have many code that could be used on a silverlight application inside a browser.

The both UI are not so complex so the web UI could be done in a HTML/JS/CSS way.

My concrete question is, It’s better to do the web UI in silverlight. Silverlight is still alive? or it’s better to do so in HTML5 way

Thanks for your comments


P.D. Sorry by my English is a little rusty.


HTML5 is the better choice, e.g. Silverlight isn’t supported in the new Microsoft Edge Browser anymore and is generally considered to be a “dead” technology.


If you need to share code between the web and desktop apps, consider using Electron ( But like @akoeplinger said, Silveright is dead and shouldn’t be used for new applications.

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