Is ASP.NET Ajax open-sourced?


My question is in the subject. Is ASP.NET Ajax (for example, all web controls) open-sourced ? I can’t find it in the list of projects on the .NET Foundation web site…

Thank you !


@CEG_Ecoles - Yes the ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit is in the list of projects. See

Does that help?


No, I don’t think of ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit, but just “ASP.NET Ajax”. ASPX pages, “simple” controls, like asp:button, for example.


@CEG_Ecoles you mean “ASP.Net Web Forms” - that’s the collective name for the classic ASP.Net stuff.

Check out response on other thread: Cross-platform support for Web Service Frameworks

Ideally when .Net 4.6 is stable they would open source that version of System.Web for posterity.


Thank you @Webprofusion.

Does that mean that “ASP.Net Web Forms” is dead ? Is it a technology to abandon ?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge…


It’s not dead. It’s not the cool and more common way to build websites now a days but for pure speed and an intranet site nothing beats Web Forms. I still use it when I want to create simple utility pages for sites.


Thank you @Shmuelie for your feed-back !

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