Inserting data in CLOB field using Stored Procedure in Oracle


I am trying to insert a long string (more than 4000 characters) into a clob field in Oracle. But when I run the code, it gives me the error “can bind a long value only for insert into a long column”. I tried converting the input to Decimal, Long, CLOB, NCLOB, NVARCHAR2 but it doesn’t work. Also weird thing is when I try to insert hard coded value from the code, the code is adding that hard coded string to the parameter below it. For Example, in the following code, even though I am passing long string to “clobFieldName”, in the catch, it is complaining that index out of range for “otherStringField” parameter. How can I insert string longer than 4K in a clob field ??? Please help.

objCmd.Parameters.Add(" clobFieldName ", OracleDbType. Clob ).Value = " LongStringMoreThan4000 ";

objCmd.Parameters.Add(" otherStringField ", OracleDbType. NVarchar2 ).Value = “TEST”;

Thank you,


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