Include tools in the open source efforts


There was recently a discussion on Twitter around us including certain tools in open source, such as:

  • MDBG
  • PerfView
  • PEVerify
  • SGen

Please let us know which other tools you’re interested in.


I would love to see TPL Dataflow open sourced.


Also, it would be great to have access to Xsd.exe and ResGen.exe.


ILMerge (even though there are good alternatives available).


Can we consider MSBuild as tool ?


YES! If there’s a tool in more dire need of OSS love, it’s ILMerge!


+1 for PerfView, I love that tool and I think that making is open-source will get it more widely know/used


Speaking of PerfView, I’d love to finally be able to use ClrMD!


@hmemcpy Isn’t ClrMD already open source? It’s already available on Github,


Edit no, this looks like the documentation/samples about how to use it, not the actual library.


@hmemcpy Sorry, you’re right, it’s just the samples


The .NET Framework is not only about compilers and libraries but it has essentials
tools like sn (Strong Name Utility), ilasm, MSBuild, Ngen (CLR Native Image Generator), SvcUtil (Service Model Metadata Tool), these tools have been developed in mono, in other words two source codes to be maintained that could be joined in only one code!

Does Someone know if will tools be open source?


I’ve been using IL-Repack, based on Cecil, and it’s working fine for me.
Naturally, if they open source the original library, it’s something else.


MSBuild would become less buggy - fast - if it was open-sourced. There’s nothing like persistent pain to encourage improvement.


Hello Folks,

I was wondering me about powershell’s scripts, which are part of NuGet’s ecosystem, today Nuget is working in Linux, but powershell’s scripts is not, I’ve known who Jay Bazuzi and other developers are doing a good job with Pash and my question is, Could PowerShell’s libraries be open sourced too? What does everybody think about this?


There are rumors out there in the interwebs that PowerShell on Linux is not far, but I haven’t seen any official announcements.


What about Code Contracts? AFAIK, the .NET source depends on this. I would assume it must be open-source somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find the location.

We need to be able to maintain, patch, or port every essential tool in the build pipeline.


+1 for TPL being fully FOSSed


+1 for FOSSing Code Contracts


It is great to see wishes granted. Thanks so much!

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