Include Base Type in core?



First thanks for your initiative to open sourcing .net core.
Is it planned to deliver sources of base types sucha as string, … ?




Hi John,

yes, all sources will be made open source. Even things linke string or object. There is already a project called corefx on GitHub where Microsoft has published the first parts of the base class library. You can find it here:

Not all classes of the base class library are published yet. For example string and object are not published yet. The project corefx is still in some kind of preview phase. As far as I know, Microsoft is still about to figure out the best way of how to publish the sources. But you can already find the Console class in the core fx project, some collections and the System.Xml classes.

Does this answer you question?


Hi @dmurrmann

Tks for your reply.
I already played a bit with sources and wanted to contribute. I had suggestions on String, that’s why I asked.

I wanted to contribute on high level classes such as HttpWebRequest, FtpRequest, SmtpClient and some kind of classes. We faced some strange behaviors by design.

Thank you very much. It answers my question yes.



It would be great since SSL is hacked and browsers are moving away from it, microsoft does take contributions,
Check there contributing guide lines here

I guess you will have to contribute this to .net core , and its bcl, because the old .net is open source but they do not take contribution.

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