I want to contribute in .net opensource



I want to contribute in ASP.Net MVC as well as EF. How can I start ?

Is there any tutorial which provide information about code base for MVC source code like following articles provide information about EF?

Also any other document which help to start ?


@SandipUchdadiya - thanks for your interest in contributing to .NET foundation projects. Check out the project pages on the .NET Foundation website to learn more. There are links to contribution guides on each of the projects.


For ASP.NET MVC 4 & EF 6 see:


For ASP.NET 5 see:


Have fun!


@BethMassi1 Thanks for your help


@BethMassi - I would contribute to MVC .NET project. How can I start? Are there project for junior-middle level developer? I want to improve my programming skills and join other people with my same interests.



@Nicola_Nardella I would suggest picking a project you’re interested in, start building and testing the code, and file an issue or two that you find. Based on the feedback on those issues you can start to learn how the code is supposed to work and where you might be able to contribute code. You can also take a look at labels like “help wanted” or “up for grabs” on many repositories to pick something that you think you can tackle. The key is to communicate with the project maintainers and find a good contribution spot for both parties. :smile: Have fun!


Thank you very much. Now I’m looking for a good project to start.


Hi Thank a lot for the post.

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