How to start with .NET Core on crossplatform development?


I’m quite overwhelmed with all the information I get about .NET Core on the internet and how to do things on different platforms and so on…
My goal for my current project is to develop a crossplatform-capable plugin system in C++ using .NET Core for the plugins as I really like to code in C# and rather dislike the common chosen approach to use Lua.
So my plan was to first build the coreclr and corefx repos using an Ubuntu-14.04 docker image and then copy the resulting binaries to my main systems (Ubuntu 15.10 and Arch Linux). The build process was successful and the resulting binaries worked well as far as I can tell. I tested them with several test applications compiled using mono’s mcs.
Then I tried to copy the files over to my main systems to try them out there but unfortunately I only get some “Recursion in CLRException::GetThrowable” errors and I really have no clue how to fix them.

The next thing I was wondering about was how to bundle .NET Core with my C++ application? The build process put a whole lot of files out (several gigabytes) and I’m really challenged what I really need?

I really don’t know where to start and I guess that’s the main problem here. I know C#, I know the .NET Framework, I know what .NET Core is but I don’t know how to work with it and how to deploy it as I never did something like that before.
To me the documentation seems a bit fragmented and I have to find many little pieces in the internet but many questions remain unanswered (e.g. What is so special about Ubuntu 14.04 that building coreclr doesn’t work on for example Arch Linux or Ubuntu 15.10?) but maybe it is just caused by the fact that .NET Core is quite new.

I hope that someone can push me in the right direction and help me with my problems.

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