How to start to learn .NET from scratch?

Hello Community,

I am new here and i want to be stay as long as possible in this community.
First of all, i want to learn .NET to build websites or design it. I read so much things on internet and got so much confused.
Secondly, i want to get answers of these questions below. Can anybody help me please?:

1)Where can i start to learn .NET Framework?
2)Could someone show me the path from beginning to end?

I am looking forward to see your answers.
Thank you so much in advance.

Hi Kurt- I would go right to the best source:

There’s a lot of material online but until you get your feet wet the best, most accurate thing is to use MS documentation, tutorials and modules to get started. I would also suggest going to .NET meetups (virtual now obviously). That would be a solid start!

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