How to sign in without using any social accounts?


When signing into this discourse, I was presented with the following options:

The problem is, I don’t want to use any of them - I want to use just plain email + password combo, like on any other website.

This is definitely possible in principle - e.g.

Would it be possible to enable such option?

As to why I don’t want to sign in with a 3rd party site - imagine I used google to sign in, and then my google account was banned for whatever reason*. This would result with me loosing access to this site.

*inb4 - this might be even by accident. Or presidential executive order. Or …


Generally in this case I use a different account on Chrome browser.
Just an anonymous social account.


Having Google or some other social media account being banned is a bit strange excuse, at it would mean that you did something bad to get banned in the first place. Why would you be banned in the first place?
Using plain email has a similar risk, as your email provider could also close your account. Or your provider might just change your email address as they changed their domain name. That is actually quite common for many companies.
Besides, if you use a GMail, Yahoo or Outlook mail account, you should also have a related social media account.
My personal favorite is by just registering my own domain name. (In my case and use a Google Apps account to have email support on it, which costs $50 per year or so. This gives me a huge mailbox and some useful other features but it also functions as a Google OpenID account. And getting that banned means that Google loses a customer, which they prefer not to do. So the risks of getting banned that way is much smaller, unless you don’t pay your bill or misuse it to send massive amounts of spam…


This is a valid workaround, but I guess turning the normal sign in it is just a matter of clicking a checkbox in some Discourse configuration, hence my question. Setting up some random account in order to log in to this forum is a bit cumbersome.

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