Having an error 0xC00CE556 please help cant run many softwares

I am having an .net framework error 0xC00CE556 i tried replacing machine.config with machine.configdefault and renaming it to machine.config ad i sa in the internet bt it didnt work unfortunately please help

Before trying to further copy/paste files on your system, you should do a full virus scan first! Chances are that some piece of malware is interfering with your system and when you try to fix files without removing the malware, you’d just get more troubles…
Once you’re sure it’s not viral, try reinstalling the .NET Framework on your system.
If that doesn’t work, a quick solution would be to do a reinstallation of Windows but you might not like that solution. A slower solution is generally trial-and-error, trying to fix things by removing applications before reinstalling them until it is fixed or you’re forced to do a full reinstall…

Check your backups for a valid machine.config, btw… You do have backups, right?

sorry I don’t have a backup and I have done a virus scan.
I will not be able to reinstall windows as there is nobody nearby, and even though i know how to do it, being a 15 year old my parents wont allow me to do it

Seems to me that you’ll have to explain the situation to your parents in that case. Tell them your computer isn’t working properly and that this needs to be fixed or else you can’t use the computer.
If you’re not allowed to reinstall Windows on it then they will have to do something to fix it for you.
Also, start making backups! Preferably on an external disk that you can detach from the computer and store.

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