Future End of Support of Mono?


I see in many posts and comments spanning this blog that, since with the coming 2015 streamline .NET Core will be open sourced and ported to several platforms, people are suggesting Mono will be replaced with the original classes and tools from Microsoft (especially if MSBuild will be open sourced as well).

Is this an impression that I have or is it a real state of things? Is it a clear plan ahead to replace all of the Mono dedicated solutions for cross platforming (eg. ASP.NET, services, etc.)?

PS. I guess this is a question only @migueldeicaza can answer …


Miguel’s blog post and the comments should clarify most of your questions: http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2014/Nov-12.html



PS. Makes me feel old reading the last part, where it says it’s 14 years Mono exists, thinking I was one of the first contributors…


From that post it links the reference source as being open source and portable to mono, does this mean that at the same time as they released .net core they made the reference source free to use / changed the license? (Could mean my wpf post is irrelevant and wpf can already be forked?) or am i missunderstanding?


Yes they changed the license for the reference source they put on GitHub, but not everything is there yet and afaik the client bits like WPF aren’t planned to be put there.


In that thread Miguel says that will merge .net with mono. I think that mono will contribute to all multiplatform things on .net.

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