Error in DataServiceCollection class while creating OData request

Hi Experts,

I am new in core app development. I am gets stucked while creating OData request using OData Connected Services. The OData connected service generates the proxy file successfully and am add one class into DataCollectionService for my requirement and it generates the following error :
“System.InvalidOperationException: An attempt to track an entity or complex type failed because the entity or complex type ‘Microsoft.Dynamics.DataEntities.CustomerV3’ does not implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface.\r\n at Microsoft.OData.Client.DataServiceCollection1.InsertItem(Int32 index, T item)\r\n at System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection1.Add(T item)\r\n at TestSampleDotNetStd08June2020.ODataConnector.createCustomer()”.

The endpoint url become D365 OData metadata and the same worked fine in .Net framework 4.5.2 (Which is currently using).
The proxy class become auto generated and i can’t directly implement any intefaces as well.
Any possible help should be greatly appreciated.

I´m having the same problem. Any news about it?


No updates till now. You can change your strategy into REST instead of SOAP.

I fixed it!
You should stop using the Microsoft OData Connected Service and start using the Unchase OData Connected Service.

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