Doubts on debug vs release version

I am kinda new to .Net, I downloaded an open source project I saw on github, modified a couple of things, and while in the debug build, everything runs smoothly, no problems at all, I wanted to execute the debug build on another computer x86, the debug build was created on a 64bit machine, but doesnt open so, I wanted to create the release and test, but I noticed the release build doesnt open in the 64bit machine either, I was wondering if there is a kind of log that I can review for the release version.

Also, I am pretty sure I have something (from my side) missing, I configured the preferred version to x86 but my IDE still generates the 64bit version or so I believe because neither the debug nor release can be executed on a x86 machine. So right now I am using the debug version on my 64bit machine but I would like to do it properly to generate a release that I can distribute.

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