Dotnet Dynamic MVC folder

Greetings! I am a fairly new Developer and got extremely sucked into Dotnet. Now I have a following problem.

In my project I have created somethings that I like to call a “Dynamic Folder”(If you know the right word for this please let me know). Basically it includes a controller watching over all of the .cshtml files in a folder, and when requested it creates a dynamic view that has links to all of the views. I will use this folder to host my ThreeJS projects later. I want to be able to just push .cshtml files onto that folder when it is hosted on AWS EC2-instance, so that my controller can find it and make a link to it (the folder will contain the ThreeJS library). Unfortunatetly how ever when publishing my application with dotnet publish command it kinda screws up my folders. Is there any way to tell my application that some of the folders are not ment to be compiled and instead I will have to provide them manually?

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