DotNet 5.4 or .NET Platform Standards


Recently when ASP.NET 5 was renamed to ASP.NET Core 1.0, it was appriciated by .NET community. But with RC 1 release, there is one more naming confusion exists in Project.Json file, which is reference of dotnet 5.4 in the framework section. It’s good enough to create another confusion.

But found here, that “DotNet 5.4” is not a real framework against which you are building and compiling your application. It’s “Platform Moniker” to a new approach called .NET Platform Standard.

And I am firm that with RC 2 release this will be address as well.


The RC1 contains references to what were going tentatively called “.NET Generations” that referred to the various implementations of the .NET Framework as it was implemented differently across the desktop, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows Store, and finally dnx.

After working with it and discussing with the larger .NET team, it was determined to re-focus .NET Generations into .NET Platform Standards that more succinctly referenced the various standards that each of these platforms implemented.

You’re seeing all of these things because Microsoft is developing and discussing all of these features completely in the open. In the past, all would have been silent until a battle-tested beta was ready, perhaps an RC or two, and then a release with no discussion or code shown between events. This is a learning experience for all of us who are adjusting to developing in the open and reviewing this new platform as its being built. Its quite an experience, and we’re all learning a lot about the process.


Like csharpfritz said, the references you’ve seen (and the confusion) is due to Microsoft iterating on these concepts in the open. In RC1, the dotnet5.4 moniker existed; it was replaced with netstandard1.3 in RC2 and beyond.

This document describes how the .NET Platform Standard works:

In short, building for netstandard1.3 means your code is compatible with (can run on) desktop .NET 4.6 or later, .NET Core, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and Mono/Xamarin.

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