Does net core console application has to run by DNX?


I created a .net core console application under windows, while I can only build the project to DLL but exe and has to run or debug it with DNX.

I am studying at writing application on Nano server with .Net core as a worker of my org’s product. I am now wondering if I have to run the application with DNX, and is there a plan to make it executable?

Thank you.


you can use the new cli tools to make your app executable , here is the intro

And here is the repo , the readme includes links to msi installers for windows


Thank you very much, your answer really very helpful and resolve my question.


This should also help:


Now that the tools have matured we have official documentation here as the answer

Note: I updated because the links i provided above were getting many hits which are removed or moved now. Official docs are available now so i provided link to them.

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