Disconnect login provider from account?


Account management needs improvement. I forgot that I already had an account associated to the github login (@zarat) and now I ended up creating a second account with a gmail login (@weltkante). Is it possible to disconnect the github login or delete the github based account and associate it with this account? I noticed that I could delete my gmail based account at the bottom of the preferences, but not my github based account. Either way, I didn’t do many posts yet so I don’t mind whatever happens to them, but I’d prefer my forum name being the same as my github name, in particular since I noticed people cross link between github issues and this forum, it probably would be confusing with different usernames.


Hi @zarat or is it @weltkante ? :smile:

I could delete the @zarat account if you really want me to, but I don’t think it does any harm to leave it. From now on, can you just log in GitHub? I’ll also look and see if I can “merge users” somehow. I’ve never had to delete a user so I need to read up to see what the repercussions are.


@BethMassi - the problem is that when I log in with my github account it logs me in as zarat not as weltkante and I can’t seem to “reconnect” it to the other account nor delete that account. On github my user token is ‘weltkante’ and I figured it would be nicer to have the same token on both sites because discussions are going on at both github issues and in the forum.

The best solution would probably be to detach the github login from zarat, that should make the github login free to be associated with the weltkante account, right? If there is no practical solution I’ll of course just keep using zarat but I thought I’d ask before having done too many posts.

PS: seems all my posts just got hidden by “community flagging” and I’m no longer allowed to link to github, wtf? Maybe now it makes sense to delete zarat?


I’m not sure what’s happening with the spam. I think I fixed it though. Hopefully. I’m going to contact Discourse forums support to see if they can gel with the login issue. Hope to get it resolved by Monday. Thanks for your patience!


@zarat - I think I have an idea. I can’t delete the @zarat account because you have posts. However I can delete the @weltkante account because you have no posts under that name. THEN I think I can rename your @zarat to @welkante and you should be able to use the same GitHub auth.

Let me know if you want to try that.


@BethMassi Sure thats worth a try


@weltkante - okay it’s done!


Great, seems to have worked :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

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