Differences in open source DOTNET and Visusal Studio DOTNET


I’ve noticed that, for example, System.Resources.ResourceWriter open source code is not the same class code as when developing DOTNET in VIsual Studio (in C#). The DOTNET open source code for that class is missing a number of members (e.g. instantiation using path, adding binary streams to the resource file … etcetera).

Is it the case that the open source DOTNET is a subset or is different than the Microsoft Visual Studio DOTNET?


We should probably start with some clarifications. There isn’t really a concept of a “Visual Studio DOTNET”. There are:

  • .NET Framework (part of Windows); This is what I believe you are referring to as “Visual Studio DOTNET”
  • .NET Core; This is what I believe you are referring to as “open source DOTNET”

In the past, there were other variants of .NET, too, all of which you could target in Visual Studio. That’s why there is no single Visual Studio dotnet.

You can check out the reference source for .NET Framework. Do you see the source you are looking for there?

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