Debian source package for dotnet?


Is the Debian source package available for the .NET Core Release Candidate? i.e. is it possible to rebuild the .deb? Usually when upstream provides Debian/Ubuntu packages there is a ‘debian’ folder with control, rules, copyright files etc, but it’s not immediately obvious to me where to find this.



their is one but i have’nt personally tested how well it works (its from micrsoft)
look in the below build status are installers and their is one for debian too which is .deb.
And in the code you can find debian directory in the root packaging directory.


There are a couple sets of docker images in the Microsoft Docker Hub.

The aspnet one contains RC1 binaries. The dotnet one contains post-RC1 bits.

Given that we’ve shipped RC1, the best thing to do is give us feedback on what you see in the dotnet docker image since that will be the base going forward. Is that one done correctly?


@richlander He is a asking for debian .deb packages of coreclr rc1 , the debian based linux destributions’ (e.g debian ,ubuntu, kubuntu , lubuntu, ubuntu mate etc), equivalent of windows msi installers. It is a norm in linux world that any oss software provider that supports a particular linux distribution provide packages for that distribution (.deb packages for debian based and rpm packages for centos based centos,fedora, opesuse etc) . So as ubuntu is supported platform for coreclr rc1 he was looking for debian packages.

Further more some thirdy party or microsoft will then need to open a ppa and upload their .deb packages their and when that ppa is approved by cannonical/ or ubuntu maintainers those packages will be available to download via
sudo apt-get install dotnet
sudo apt-get install dnx

I know it is on the radar of microsft to support that scenario but i wanted to clearify for those who don’t know whats the plan.
But when can we expect that to be possible ,i think @richlander is the best person to answer that.


Thanks - shahld_pk pointed me in the right direction. On inspection, it appears that a complete ‘debian’ folder isn’t included, rather a ‘package_tool’ script is included which outputs a ‘debian’ folder and then calls debuild to build the package.

Loosely the process is something like the following:

Follow the instructions here:

cd ~/git
git clone
cd ~/
mkdir /tmp/test
mkdir ~/git/cli/package_root
mkdir ~/git/cli/$ #This bit doesn’t look right!

copy the appropriate contents from ~/git/coreclr/bin/Product/Linux.x64.Debug/ and ~/git/corefx/bin/Linux.x64.Debug/ into ~/git/cli/$

Then run

sudo apt-get install devscripts
~/git/cli/packaging/debian/package_tool/package_tool ~/git/cli /tmp/test/

The script then copies the binaries to /tmp/test/dotnet-0.201/, creates and populates /tmp/test/dotnet-0.201/debian/ and runs debuild to produce /tmp/test/dotnet_0.201-1_amd64.deb

I haven’t quite managed to put it all together yet, but I think that’s the idea. Having a directory called $ looks wrong, so I think I’ve misunderstood something there.


okay it looks like now they have a ppa for it too on ubuntu tab their, but it is only for trusty i think

Edit : It seems the .deb packages has sometthing called resgen that conflicts with mono-devel pacakge’s resgen. so if you have mono-devel installed you can’t install this or the other way around is also possible.

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