#ctor(System.String) Error in .Net Core portability


I’m porting a dll from .Net Framewowork to .Net Core. In the resume of the Assambly Portability Analyzer I’m getting #ctor(System.String) error under System.ComponentModel.DescriptionAttribute section. but there is nothing else (which line or something), so I’m not sure what I have do add, change or remove.

Previously the code was using a DescriptionAttribute, I changed this by a DisplayAttribute, I tried by removing the call of those lines but the error still coming on the Analyzer.

Have you any idea of what I’m missing?



I had similar issues is when i try to convert my 4.6 class libraries to .net core libraries. I just deleted all my classes and then i add one by one and i ensured no issues on each classes.I thing .net core need still long way to go.

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