Cross platform browser based desktop applications


I am not a .Net developer(I do mostly Node.js these days) but I’m intrigued by the direction is going. With node there are libraries like node-webkit and atom-shell available for making cross platform gui applications. I would be more attracted to developing in .NET if there were a similar library available… that has firm backing. I see there are .Net bindings to chromium embedded framework but they’re mostly windows only, not well documented, and/or maintained by lone developers without corporate or other establishment backing. Node-webkit and atom-shell on the other hand are cross platform, have adequate documentary, widely used, and are backed by intel and github respectively. CefGlue is the only cross platform solution now and it seems to me to be on somewhat shaky ground.

CefGlue › Project status?!topic/cefglue/hUZACk2AqeM


I think you’re looking for something like, am I right?


Something like: for .net would be very much welcome


The final bit of conversation we picked up on was that Microsoft had or is still possibly considering open sourcing Internet Explorer, most likely the Trident engine. While nothing has been decided, the conversations about the pros and cons of doing this have taken place.

The new trident fork if open sourced and ported to mac/linux could make an interesting GUI option for .Net Core applications ala node-webkit and atom-shell.

I meant to reply to my own parent post, not to Shmuelie…

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