Create some system specific service library for .NET Core


Those days I write.NET App that must run on Android, iOS (both using Xamarin) and the desktop (using normal .NET).

Let say that, courtesy of PCL + bait and switch, I have a (3) GPS utility library with the same exact public class on all 3 platforms, iOS, Android and desktop (.NET4.5)

How could I do the same thing with .NET core?
I guess the answer is, while I can’t use bait and switch in .NET core (doesn’t seem to support share project) I could probably use IoC for native service and proceed more or less the same… which bring me to another question… what does .NET Core offer over PCL then?! :open_mouth:


.net core offers netstandard. Or i should really say all implementations of .net can now offer netstandard which can be thought of as PCL done right.

What is netstandard ?

  • netstandard is a standard common api that every .net implementation should implement. netstandard versions while adding more api’s.

  • since netstandard came with .net core it is supported in .net core tooling. Tooling for other .net implementation (Xamrin etc) does not support netstandard as of yet.

  • for further information read netstandard article in .net core documentation.

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