CoreCLR to Runtime as a Service (RAAS)


Hi All,
While everyone is engaged in making .NET framework open source so as CLR, I would like to raise a point explaining the necessity to enable CoreCLR for responding any external execution environment’s request whether it is from .Net stack or any other runtime e.g. JVM. I know this is a very broad topic hence I would like to discuss about my design regarding this. Understanding the need for making technology platform independent and interoperability among programming languages , this will be a good step to start from.


Well I can understand that it is a wide topic but I cant upload my design here because I am a new user, I would really like to describe it :smile:


Are you referring to enabling something like remoting/dcom/corba style of communication between environments?


@joelmartinez, hope you will not mind my delayed response ! Yes, I mean more like CORBA rather DCOM. It will be a module of CoreCLR which will respond the requests coming under CORBA. We need to write the handshaking module for the CORBA’s Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) which will take care of the wire-frame format.

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