CoreCLR and CoreFX on Windows Embedded Compact 7 (CE)?



I’ve spent the last weekends trying to figure out how to build CoreCLR (and, once that was successul, hopefully CoreFX as well) for a Win CE 7 platform running on an ARMv7-a architecture. I’ve found multiple hints for WinCE in varius parts of the source (e.g. a PlatformID enum entry in src/mscorlib), leaving me wondering whether anybody has already tried that?
I’ve spent most of the time wrapping my head around the build process (I’m a total noob with Makefiles etc, until recently I’ve been a “happy little C# code monkey”), however I haven’t succeeded even remotely so far.
The reasons I’m trying to get .NET Core up and running on Win CE 7:

  • discontinued support for the platform and its .NET Compact (netcf) framework by Microsoft
  • the pain in the *** netcf is compared to netcore
  • the still enormous spread of Win CE platforms in the embedded world

I’d love to start a project on this topic and I’m ready to invest quite some time into it, however, being a total C / C++ and CMake noob, I have no idea where to even start?

I’m more than thankful for every hint/suggestion in the right direction!


I don’t have suggestions regarding WinCE but, if you are after programing for embedded systems in C#, suggest that you take a look at .NET nanoFramework project here: and the GitHub repo

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