Contribute, Support and / or Sponsor Nemerle and Nitra Projects


The following projects:

Are based on the .net ecosystem. Nitra is a language workbench which in the future can support C#, F#, VB syntax with while being extensible also.

I am very interested in these projects propering through I am not part of the team. Wondering if there is anybody here who might like to contribute, support and / or sponsor in seeing this through. Also wondering if MS and / or DNF can do something in furthering the development of language workbenches.


This project, by the way: (alternative for xaml) based on Nitra


Additionally using languages using Nitra initially will target .Net followed by JVM, LLVM, JS. This means you can reuse large part of you C#, F#, VB code on JVM, JS, LLVM etc.

Also please spread the word! Also any language experts out there please jump in at least for fun of developing a language workbench.

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