Compiling .Net core on FreeBSD


I am interested in any discussion on, or people involved in, getting the .Net core to compile on FreeBSD (and possibly Ubuntu); as in I’m interested in knowing what would be involved in building the .Net core. I perused the thread on Compiling .Net core on Linux/OS X, and the .Net src on GitHub briefly to know that the core would need MSBuild and a csharp compiler to build. If that is the case then would the mono-csharp compiler on FreeBSD suffice?

How do you recommend I go about doing the next few steps, and if so what are they?

Thanks and Cheers!


I would suggest you to wait for few days.

Check this:;cid=1416152507488-86

Xamarin team will works on this for last few days they will fork it adapt and you’ll be able to use it. Like with Roslyn.

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