Cloudscribe - a multi-tenant web app starter for ASP.NET 5/MVC 6


Hi All,

I would like to share a project that I just made public a few days ago but have been working on for quite some time.

cloudscribe.Core.Web is a multi-tenant foundation for ASP.NET 5/MVC 6 web application and web site projects.

Currently the solution also has a project named cloudscribe.Web.Navigation that will soon be separated into it’s own code repository since it has no dependencies on other cloudscribe projects and since it has functionality that I think is widely needed and scratches a very common itch for most projects, which is functionality for building navigation menus, breadcrumbs, pagination, etc.

I am hoping to receive constructive feedback both positive and negative about the code, the project goals, and current direction.

I am interested in submitting the project(s) to the foundation in hopes of help with advice and governance practices for managing contributions.

I am also hoping to hear from people interested in collaborating on the projects.

much of the current data schema and data access code in the cloudscribe project has been re-purposed and refactored from the mojoportal project, which I founded, developed, and supported for about 10 years, but which is no longer under active development.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to look at this project and provide constructive feedback.

Joe Audette

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