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I want to use another username. I have logged in with Google. How can I change my username or create another forum account with the same Google account?


If I’m not mistaken, you can do so at
To get there, click on the green dot with white L that is your profile picture. It shows a small panel with your username and just click on your username in that panel. Next, click ‘Preferences’ and you should be able to change your name and username. (There’s a small pen next to the username.) You can also change your email address there.


No, the username is the only thing that can’t be changed.


Weird. Before I gave my answer, I went to my profile and noticed the edit button next to my username. Now it’s gone.
The only difference with before is that I just made a reply, and making a reply might turn the username into read only mode, as it then serves as a way for people to mention you…
So, you can edit your username for as long as it’s unlocked. Replying to a post seems to lock it so if you haven’t used your account yet, you should be able to use it!
I asked a friend to make an account to test this and use her GMail account to log in. See this screenshot:

The edit button is there until something you do will deactivate it. After that moment, your username will be permanent.


Alright. Can I then close my account and make another one with the same Google login?


Deleting your account and recreating it again could work but you will lose all the topics you’ve created and all replies. I don’t know how the forum software exactly works so they might stay online or they’re deleted after you delete your account.


I’m okay with losing the connection to my old posts, they’re not too useful and numerous. Deletion is not required or intended. I see no UI for doing this. How can I contact a system admin?


@LonelyPixel I can change your username. What do you want it to be?


I’d like it to be “ygoe”.


Okay it’s done now. Keep in mind: all prior quotes of your posts and @LonelyPixel mentions are now broken. But sounded like you didn’t mind that.

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